Relationships and Boundaries

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Published On Thursday, December 13, 2018
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I've been sitting on this for awhile but decided to make a post about it because I know I'm not the only person struggling with this problem. people keep asking me to be their slave/pup/sub/whatever when it clearly says that I am taken and in a closed monogamous relationship.

Is it that hard to read someone's profile before trying to talk to them? I mean, you do already have to go there to actually send them a message. Some guys ask me to be their sub in the first message they send me. Do you think that I would be a sub to someone that I have literally never talked to? NO. I don't listen to people that immediately demand I respect them and call them a title that they have not earned. They are not my daddy, owner, master, or anything of the sort. They are a stranger. If they cared enough about me to make me their sub, they should be learning about me beforehand and getting to know me.

This one guy on FetLife demanded that I drop everything to serve him. He wanted me to move to Costa Rica to be his slave. I told him no, and that I had a Master already. He said that wasn't relevant and that he wasn't a real Master. I thought he was joking but he definitely wasn't. i feel bad for the "slaves" that he listed on his profile because he seems like a horrible Master. A classic arrogant "internet dom". 

In my opinion, trying to take an OWNED sub/slave/pup/etc from someone is disrespectful as fuck to the Dom. Messaging the sub about this stuff without asking the Dom first is disrespectful as fuck.

My submission is a gift that I choose to give.

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