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Published On Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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I haven't been a pup for long. Well, I don't think it's been long. I became one in April 2018, so it's only been about 7 months? Idk. But since the day I got collared, I have never been happier. I discovered pup play realizing it was something I never knew I needed so when I got into it I felt so... Right. So comfortable. 

My Master isn't even really into pup play, but he's so supportive of me and it makes me so happy. I never feel like he's forcing himself to do puppy/handler things with me. It just feels normal. I know not every pup has a partner that enjoys pup play so I feel grateful.

Over the few months I've been a pup, I've tried to increase my online presence as much as possible. I have over 1100 followers on my pup tumblr as of now and so many pup friends on my new Facebook account. I feel so welcome in the community even though I'm a Chinese, bi, and female pup. The sense of community makes me feel so warm and it's awesome seeing how many other people are also pups. 

Being a pup online has also made my self esteem better. It was already improving before that but being able to hide my face in a hood and wearing my gear to show you guys makes me feel awesome. Gear doesn't make a pup but for me, it makes me feel good about myself and I feel cute. I"m fortunate enough to be able to afford most of the gear I want and it means something to me so I enjoy it.

Like other pups, I also use it to get away from my human responsibilities. Going into pup space makes it easier for me to de-stress after work every day and I can just relax. I come home, put my hood on, curl up in my blanket nest, and play with a dog toy. 

So many non-pups think being a pup is stupid but what's wrong with what we do? It makes us happy and for a lot of us, helps us cope with things. It's therapeutic for me.

So overall, my happiness has increased, my self esteem is even better, I have more friends, my connection with Master is stronger than ever, and I'm a pup!!! Life is good and when I move to Toronto for school I'm going to connect with the local pup scene. 

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