What's your favourite material and why?

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Published On Friday, October 19, 2018
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What's your favourite material to buy gear in and why?

Cotton, spandex, neoprene, leather, or latex? Something else?

My personal favourites are neoprene and leather. Neoprene because it's stretchy, easy to wash, you can get it wet, and it just feels nice to me. I love my neoprene pup hood for all of those reasons. I can get cum and food on it without worrying ;) I love leather because it feels nice, smells good, and looks awesome. I'm sad that I can't really get it wet but hey, that's what neoprene is for!

I haven't worn latex yet so I'm not sure if I like it but I definitely want to try it. I like the way it looks and everything but I'm just worried about not liking the way it feels or something. I would love a rubber pup hood. I have three rubber gas masks though and those are fantastic. I haven't used them for breathplay yet but I love that way I look in them.

I like spandex/lycra but I love other materials more. I only have one thing in spandex right now, a pair of assless shorts from Mr. S Leather, and I love them. They make my ass feel wonderful and I like the breathable skin tight feeling.

Vinyl/PVC seems interesting as well. I haven't even seen much gear made out of it but I would like to try that too if I get the opportunity. I don't know anyone that wears PVC so I might buy something small. I just don't want to invest too much money in something I'm not sure I'll like the feeling of. 

Something I want to try that isn't a material specifically, is sports gear. I love the way football and hockey gear look so I want to get into that. I'm super small though so I'm not sure how I'll look in it but I love looking at people wearing it :3 

So do you have a favourite? Is there something you like that I didn't list? Comment below, I'm interested in hearing about it!

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