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Published On Thursday, October 18, 2018
Tags: Master, Slave, M/s
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Just thought I'd make a post about it on here because why not?

A couple of weeks ago a guy PM'd me on Tumblr. He wanted me to tell him how long he should be locked in chastity for. When I told him, he asked if I wanted to be his Mistress. I barely even knew him but I thought "Hey, why the hell not?" and it ended up being better than expected. Online, I call him Slave N.

Normally, it's not a great idea to just take someone as a slave so quickly and I would prefer not to unless I know them better first. But this time I just thought I would do it to see what happened. So far, it's been interesting and his dedication to me is surprising, honestly.

Without me asking, he wanted to prove to me I could trust him by sharing his location to me on Google Maps. He also sent me his IRL Instagram account with photos of him on it and told me his real name. He can trust me and it's fine, but I told him not to just give out his information like that to people on the internet so quickly. Someone could do something bad with it. He also explained to me why he likes being a slave (sad backstory that I didn't expect). 

He also wants to send me money every month, which is not something I asked him for either. He wants to buy me stuff, send me stuff, and wants me to send him things. He's also going to buy my used underwear. Once N finds a place to live, he wants to send me 100 pounds a month. That's about $175 Canadian dollars right now! 

My Master is okay with this because I don't send nudes to N or anything like that. I just talk to him and tell him what to do. I was unsure about N sending me money every month but he assured me that he wants to. I'm also going to be his chastity cage keyholder in the winter.

Right now, I can control when N is locked up and when he isn't but he can still change cages or take it off to shower. In the winter, he's buying one of the vice cages and I will be sneding him a lock without a key. He's going to be locked up for one year and when it's done I'm going to send him the key and let him cum. 

He wants me to punish him whenever I please so I set some rules for him to follow. Sometimes he doesn't listen to me so N sends me a video of him punishing himself for me. He loves hitting his own balls with a crop and spanking himself for me. If he ever comes to visit me in person, he wants to get tattooed and pierced for me.

Honestly I'm still pretty new to all of his but he says I'm doing a good job so far. I'm moving slowly with this and taking my time though. He wants me to collar him and do all of this permanent stuff to him but I'm not ready for all of that yet. He also wants me to collar him as a pup in addition to a slave. I'm going to send him a consideration collar soon and I have made sure he understands the three collar system that some puppy players follow. He's interested in being a pup because of me so I'm helping him along his pup journey now as well. 

He likes mountain biking so I've decided to name him Wheeler. He loves it and i'm going to get a name tag for him when I get himn a collar, too. He's going to be pink and blue. 

I'm still learning how to be a Master and a handler but my Master is teaching me and guiding me. Even though I own N, I still ask my Master for permission to do certain things and I ask him for advice. I like it so far and it's fun telling someone what to do.

N and I are going to send each other packages in the mail soon. We're going to exchange candy and snacks that we don't have in our countries. He's also sending me the lines he wrote as punishment a few times. He's super happy being my slave and loves me so this is going well so far. I'm not doing anything sexual with him (showing myself on skype calls, sending photos, etc) and he's okay with that. Even if I wanted to, Master said I'm not allowed. He has the final word on everything even when it involves N. 

I love when Master is all protective of me and tells me what to do. Some people don't understand why someone would want to be restricted like that but it makes me feel so safe and loved. 

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still learning how to be a Master and everything but so far it's awesome.

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