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Published On Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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I was browsing Facebook one day when I came across the International Geared Up Pup Contest event. It caught my attention immediately and I decided that I would run for the 2019 IGUP. I just felt that I need to write a personal post about it on here to get it out there and hopefully get some voters early? Haha.

Firstly, it is the most accessible titleholder contest for me. The ones near me still involve more travelling than I can do sometimes. But since the IGUPC is held online, I can do it easily. Plus, the titleholder of this contest is also able to run for other titles if they choose to do so in case I am able to travel for other contests.

Secondly, I have not seen any regional titleholder contest winners that are female. I'm sure there is at least one out there, but I have not found her. So this motivates me to win because I want to show female pups that we are here in the community and we can also be titleholders. There are also very few PoC pup titleholders and I see very few Asian pups in general. I hope to win the contest to show that Asian pups are here too!

Thirdly, I hope to promote puppy play in a positive light and use my titleholder status to promote good messages and positivity. I want to use my voice to draw attention to important issues. Like any community, of course we are not perfect. There are still issues and I want to help with that.  I also want to help new pups find their way, where it's finding the right gear, or giving them advice. I want to be someone that any pup can come to for help or guidance if needed. I have not been a pup for long but I have thrown myself head first into puppy play and I want to be more involved in the community any way I can be.

The last reason is just that I want to be more well known, just as some people want to become famous. It'd just be really cool to me to make content that people enjoy so I can make them happy.

I don't know if people will vote for me, or if I will receive enough votes to win, but I really hope I do. I want to become the 2019 IGUP! Even if i do not feel ready this year, that will give me another year to prepare myself for the contest.

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