What does being a pup mean to me?

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Published On Tuesday, August 28, 2018
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Everyone has different views on what puppy play is and what it means to them.

To me, it's about spreading and promoting unconditional love. Inclusivity. Supporting each other and coming together as a community. Being positive and nice. Pups come from all kinds of different backgrounds and we're all different. But we're also all pups. We can use that one common thing to come together! We need to support each other and make each other feel loved. We are pups, after all!

Just like real/bio puppies, we shouldn't discriminate based on differences. Puppies just wanna cuddle and explore! We can play all together! It doesn't matter what race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexuality, etc you are, because you're a pup! And gear doesn't make a pup, either. Having less gear than others doesn't mean you're less of a pup or that you like pup play less.

It's hard because my city doesn't have many pups but I want to be more involved in the pup community and attend more events. I want to be an active member, make pup connections, and educate people on human pups!

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