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Published On Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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Hey pets, handlers, and guests,

how are you?
Today i won't talk about me a lot. I want to talk about a very important thingie in this months Puppy Pride box.
the Puppy Pride Pride (haha) Flag.

In his unboxing video, Volka (can I hug you please?) said a very important thing: "It's not the official Prideflag or Petplay flag" (Free re-counted). He sounded a bit disappointed. Even if he liked the flag. But the fact that this isn't an official flag is the best fact for petplayers like me.

Let's take a look on the official Dogplay Flag.
It's the BDSM colored flag with a red bone in the middle. Narf. I like it, but it doesn't represent my version of petplay.
Theoretically the original flag represents BDSM and Leather components. But what is the flag for Dogs like me?
I'm not into special fetishes like Leather, lycra or whatelse. Where is the flag, that says "I'm a petplayer. But without hardcore fetishes?"...

Puppy Pride gave us this flag this month. And we should make this our own flag. A flag that isn't coined to any (hardcore) fetishes or bounded roles. I talked about bounded roles a few weeks ago. And I don't like it.
The new Pride flag of Puppy Pride is the perfect mix of the Puppy-Flag and the official Pride-Flag. It says "Hey. I'm a free open-minded person and I love liberal petplay."

For me Puppy Pride is a symbol to be how I want to be. And this new flag is a big step for all who bark the same.

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