The piece of gear no guide tells you that you need.

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Published On Sunday, June 3, 2018
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So I am relatively new to pup play and have been slowly acquiring gear as I go. I've been reading guides and figuring out what I need, however my first time In hood I discovered there was a piece of gear I was desperately in need of that no one had mentioned! My first experience in hood was simply board games with another pup and some friends, we had plenty of snacks and (after a few times bopping my muzzle with snacks) I figured out how to eat things with a hood on, however when I picked up a glass of water I found that that was much more difficult to manage and I was quite thirsty at this point! I then noticed the other pup had a stainless steel straw! I asked him and he told me he takes it anywhere he is going to pup up. He loaned me a second one for the night and I was a happy hydrated pup! 


In short if you plan to wear a pup hood for a while, either bring disposable straws, or invest in a reusable one. You will be a happier pup for it!

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