Long time quientess and no progress. Or not?

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Published On Tuesday, May 29, 2018
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Hey Pups,

my last blog was published few montshs ago. In this timespan, some things going on in my petplay life.
My former petplaypartner is no piece of my life anymore. A golden cage is enjoyable shortly but as the time goes on it's horrible. I was teached this lesson really fast. Many, sometimes hurtable, words were written and then we began to ignore each other. One side tried to keep an illusion. The other side lived his life further and learned something new. And how i learned new things.

When we try to repair our friendship, Finn (my bff) and I realized that we are more than friends. And now we are in a happy relationship although we denied it it the early phase.

We match in many things so perfectly. But we already realized this in the eight years of friendship. Yes we have our quirks which annoy the other one. But we can handle this!

We still think about the circumstances of the beginning of our relationship.
A significant part is contributed to my former petplay partner. Not necessarily in a good way, but I'm somehow grateful to him.

Anyway. We're happy and it feels so good that I've found petplayer and human in one wonderful partner who is really important for both of my sides.

Shortly before this relationship begun I've found a cute little pack. We've encounted wonderful player for it.

My partner Finn who is available for me everytime.
The cute and sometimes a bit overexcited Gormi.
The sweet Nala who can shout out loud if she has to.
The ultra fluffy Nebaka aka Akeban. Soooo fluffy.
And last but not least the beautiful Fitch who acts sometimes thoughtless.

Everyone of them ist unique and I'm very proud that they joined my pack and have so much fun with each other. But more pawesome is that they help each other if someone isn't happy and needs someone to talk or to get a bit upset with. That's so fantastic.

You see that the last months were turbulent. Sadly... not with my writing. Simon won't move at the moment. He's sitting in a lonely place and refuses to move the way I intended to him.
Unfortunately I can't publish the Bloodhounds. I just can't efford the correcture. And this book needs one. But I think we can beat it. I believe in me as an author and human.

Took some cold drinks in these hot days, cool down and enjoy your time.

Your Gerry

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