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Published On Friday, May 18, 2018
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Before I met my owner, I didn't know I was kinky at all. I truly believed that I was vanilla and that I would never like anything remotely kinky. But after I met him (July 11, 2017) I quickly realized I was wrong.

My owner was very open about his sexual preferences and when we talked about them, I still didn't think I was interested. But one day, he put his hand around my throat while we were messing around and I found myself getting turned on by it. After that, he helped me explore more and I discovered that I was into choking, spanking, slapping, hair pulling, being tied up, knife play, master/slave, d/s, consensual non-consent, and more. I like all of those things very much but my favourite thing is pup play. When I discovered it, I threw myself into it and did as much research as I could.

I have only indentified as a pup for probably about a month and a bit now (around when I got my first collar) but I want to invest in pup gear. I'm not going to start off with cheaper gear, I'm going to go straight to a custom Mr. S neoprene hood and a leather harness. I have decided that I want to be a leather pup for the most part, except for the hood, because I like the look and feel of leather. A neoprene pup hood looks better to me though and would be easier to take care of, put on and take off, etc.

I am interested in being a leather boi in addition to that. My owner isn't a leather daddy, but I want to take on the role of a leather boi and serve him. I am still new to all of this so I'm not quite sure of the leather boi thing but I know for sure that I am a pup.

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