Discovering Pup Play

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Published On Thursday, May 17, 2018
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Taken from my Tumblr post. I added some stuff at the end.


I used to think pup play was weird because my only exposure to it was that BBC feature on human pups. I’m not a fan of latex (not that I have an issue with rubber pups, I just personally dislike the idea of wearing it) and those are the only pups I ever saw.

But one day, someone shared a video of a pup (Pup Aspen, the 2018 Florida Pup) getting his new collar to a group on Facebook and something clicked. I looked at neoprene and leather pups and I fell in love.

I didn’t even realize I was looking for pup play until I found it. It just feels so fitting for me and I’m happy. I haven’t been into it for long but I already love it and I’m lucky to be with someone that is supportive of it.

My owner isn't as into pup play as I am but since he likes master/slave it still works for him and I'm into that as well. He's the only person I feel like I can be submissive to because it takes a lot of trust for me to submit. Despite not being as into pup play as I am, I still think he does a really good job at being my handler/owner/trainer. He gave me a dog collar and a chain mail day collar so far and he makes me feel loved every day. 

He helped name me, he helped me choose my breeds and species, and he makes me feel like a lil pupper every day even though I can't see him every day. He gives me ear scratches, chin scritches, and head pats. I feel lucky to have a good owner.

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