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Published On Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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You may have heard about GDPR by now, but it's an important piece of law that has to be followed.

As a user of PuppyPride.Social, there will be no noticeable changes to you - either on the social network or in the newsletter.

Newsletters & Emails

The newsletter has always operated as 'double opt-in' which meant you had to click a link in an email to be added to the list. Anyone who wants to unsubscribe can do so in the footer of any newsletter. No changes are going to be made to it.

We will however be changing some of the ways we contact users, and making it clearer on the site as to what each email setting is for. Not all changes are currently live, and more will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

We might also be requesting permission to contact you via different methods as well to try to improve the functionality of the site.

Privacy Policy

A new privacy policy is currently being written, and will be implemented next week. We don't expect it to change much in context, but to hopefully make some bits clearer as to information we do and don't store, and how it's processed.

We probably should encourage you to read it once it's out, but quite frankly, they are some of the most boring and meaningless documents to read.

The overview is we store data  on you. That includes your username, email, DoB, and whatever you provide in your profile.  We don't store your IP, or any method to trace you, unless you explicitly provide it in your profile. Although I do believe that MailChimp stores the IP used on to confirm the double opt-in email, which will be covered in their privacy policies.

We store 1 cookie to know who you are, this is required to keep you logged in.  There's also one from Google analytics which anomalously lets know what pages you've visited, although not who visited them. These systems do not talk, and we don't track what each user does.

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