Fitting in is hard to do

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Published On Friday, May 4, 2018
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So I've gotten into puppy play finally! Years of admiring and I'm finally doing it. And I couldn't be more excited! Except...


Well, it's plainly obvious to see the pup scene is very male dominated, and this can feel really awkward.


Now this is no slight at male pups at all, cos you lot are awesome and pretty damn sexy to boot, but as an example of this being an issue, I attended a local pup meet to get to know other pup players, talk play, gear and all sorts of stuff, and I was the only woman there. Couple this with a lot of pup play sites, guides, gear etc all assuming pups are male (constantly using 'he/him/his', harnesses fitted for male chests etc) and...yeah, you get the idea. It's easy to end up finding it very difficult to fit in.


Now, I know there's female pups out there. I've spoken to several and made some good friends, but for the chance to pup out with one, I have to travel quite far (technically another country - Wales to England). For guy pups though? Loads. And as friendly as they are, sometimes you just need the kind of company another lady can give, you know? And that's really hard to do.


I don't know where I'm going with this. Guess I'm just rambling x3


Peace out, yo.

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