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Published On Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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Someone once told me I was special in his heart, that I was someone nice and kind and I will make the man I'll live with very proud and happy. But it seems this "someone" is yet to find, since a lot of person are leaving me behind.

Someone once told me I was a very friendly Furry, making people smile and getting them happy, wipping all their tears and being a nice shoulder where they can cry in peace. But why on all those person who shared a part of them with me start to turn their back on me when I needed them the most?
Someone once told me I could make a good puppy, being loyal and happy, playful and kind, always here for the handler or the Master who would dare to adopt this little puppy and make him his new member of this family. Even if I found some wonderful person, and 2 lovely Masters... I'm not sure I'm lovable enough to go through the "once in a long time" regular visit... 

Someone once told me I would make them proud, succeeding where no one did before, getting through the difficulties to reach finally something you love to do and makes everyone happy. But why does it sound so hollow from your mouth those past years?
Someone once told me I was a great buddy, always here to help when you are in need, always here to help when you are sad, always here when you need money and I can help. Always here to bring up a smile on your face. But even you, the one who called me your "Best Friend" have betrayed me yet again.
And then... I realize...
Someone once told me, a very long time ago, people who give the most of their time, their body, their soul, their heart... Are often the lonelier of them all.

I'm very sorry for this, needed a vent from everything I feel right now. Heh, it's funny how life can be so cruel, giving me the chance to find such beautiful persons anywhere on the planet but only mean and abject person right around me, living me no choices just to suffer in silence.

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