My last weeks as Doggy - How it seems I have to be

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Published On Monday, February 26, 2018
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Since the new year begun, my experience level at dogplay has raised fast. Really fast. Sometimes I think, too fast.
I met my crush early in my experiences and I'm glad that i have him by my side. Everytime. I met pawesome Doggys and pups in London at the boardgames event. And my hooman side felt in love to another petplayer. I wrote about it in my last blog here.

This weekend, I were at the first small doggy-meeting in Berlin. It was nearly awesome. But he was there. The man I felt in love with. We both were unsure, what we should do. I tried to ignore him but then a good friend came and said: "Interact with him." or "Be nice to him"... and so on.

So I tried to be nice and to integrate him. It worked a bit. Then another puppy drunk so much and was no longer able to communicate. He permanently grabbed me 'til I growled at him. And again "Be nice. Don't fell into your human side"....
I didn't feel like a free Doggy anymore. I was supposed to be a slave who wasn't allowed to interact with his true feelings. I had to made the same thing, that I make as hooman: I should put on a mask which disguised my true feelings in feelings that other see as "nice".

Whats wrong with this world? I won't put on a mask to hide what I feel. Both sides, the hooman and the side of the dog, are mixing more and more. I won't avoid this. It feels good. Gerry is protecting my hooman side and my hooman side protects Gerry. All people should deal with it or leave me alone. In the future I do what I think is correct.
I won't shut my muzzle up.

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