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Published On Thursday, February 8, 2018
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Hello and welcome to my next blog entry!


Today, as I promised in my latest journal, I'm gonna first review the item I purchased last month for being more the puppy I'm wanna be: my new puppy pet play plug.

First of all: I bought my new puppy pet play tail on Aliexpress around middle of the month of December and I finally got it around the ending of January's month. When I received it at home there was nobody, so was perfect because my mother hasn't to take part or see my special kinky January's purchase, because I still live with my parents. The tail was inside a plastic bag, and the pocket was really normal apparently. Any notice of being a sexual item. It's was a really cheap item nd apparently was a really soft toy and really confortable.

It came a little long until I tried it. But finally here goes my review after some uses of this item:
1. Quality-price: The item cost was 7€ for a 8cm long black plug + 20 cm of movable tail. About it's quality, I have to say that is better than other  I've bought from Aliexpress. Is really soft, good looking, any fail or fabric issues were found and it's little enough to be really portable and usable everywhere. The seller was always avaliable and answered all my questions too. My final mark is 8'5/10.

2. Time after the purchase-receiving the good: I've had to wait around 2-3 weeks and delivery was pretty fast, as far as all the items bought were received in that lapse of time.I usually receive items with free shipping (no fees and shipping cost) with Air China or Aliexpress delivery's one. No problems were found. Tracking was easy to follow up. My final mark is 8/10.

3. Malleability, touch, item review: The item is soft, but I had troubles during its use. Really flexible tail, moving a lot when it's being used. It doesn't smells when was received. Resists water and can be used under the water. Portable, touchy, but a bit painful to my butt. I guess. But anyways my final mark of Malleability and the product material is 8/10.
4. Confortability: Not confortable as I've expected. Anyways is early to tell, because I've just used it little. I'm really shy using it because I'm a really starter pup into the butt stuff and is my really first tail (usually hidded that I liked from the bottom, you know, as a girl you have other holes to use and had little chaces to get started, but finally decided myself going for it). Final mark: 7'5. Because I like sometimes feeling pain. Sincerely.

5. Expectative Vs Reality: What to say...I've expected a longer tail, and a shorter plug. I'm really not acostumate to big stuff on my back. Anyways, the product fitted well with my expectatives. The reality and expectations were paired enough. So cheap to be the perfect plug. But for being my first and my very own first pup tail, I'm really happy with this goodie. My final mark is 8'5.

So I'm gonna finish this post saying there'll be two more reviews today and also will talk in a next blog about Arppe company and it's dog product for being used in people. So stay tunned.

Any feedback, opinion, or something you wanna be added or comment is welcomed. Is my first review, so anything you want to know about buying via Aliexpress feel free to message me or leave me a comment here.

Thank you a lot for reading pups!



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