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Published On Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Last night I was taken to plaything at the Eagle (in London) to help promote the Fetch event happening there in about a month. At first I was actually a bit nervous, although I love pupping up I haven't really done it in many different environments. This would be the first outing that the event didn't have pup play/kink as a main part of it. It probably didn't help that I had suited up in my flat and took the tube to get there, so was self conscious of wearing rubber on the tube. However once I got there the venue was nice, the owner friendly and we had a good chat before getting pupped up for the night which got me into a better mood.

It actually turned out very well, although we could not stay for all of it, it was a lot of fun. Going to a place where not everyone knows about pup play or have really had much experience gave a great time for me. I got petted lots, given treats, barked at people and generally played with (chased balls quite a bit) all to a range of people and a range of reactions. Some were intrigued, some found it fun... others found it a bit odd but can't please everyone, it was actually a lot of fun seeing all these different reactions and having new these interactions. This just emphasised the social nature of pup play as apart from the sexual side. I was content, being lead around and really just being a pup. It allowed me to get quite strongly into the head space and it's still great as ever.

I hope that the promotion worked and thanks to Kye for having me promote it and being out there. It seemed that it caught the interests of a few and may be brought awareness up a bit... who knows, i was mainly focused on the pettings they gave (and if it was based on that quantity then it worked out great :D )

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