Mask colour musn't be hanky.

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Published On Friday, February 2, 2018
Tags: Colors, Hanky
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In the last weeks I saw many discussions about the colors of masks and the connection to hanky-codes. The last one: 10 minutes ago.
A tweep asks another if he is into piss, cause he wears a yellow black combo. No he isn't. He's just wearing these, cause he likes it. And he is a cute puppy ❤ (/offtopic).

I dont know why exactly everyone thinks, that a chosen color is just for the fetish. Mostly it is true, but not always. And I'm getting annoyed. It seems like everyone thinks:

"He has a yellow mask and outfit. He must into piss"
"He has a red outfit. He loves to be fistet"

... NO! My next mask will be white, purple and black and I'm really not into sperm or passive spanking -growl-. I chose the colors because I love them. The color-combination makes me a happy doggy and this is pawesome.

The correct way would be to ask someone "Hey. Do you like the xxx fetish?" or "Why you've chosen these colors?" instead of "I piss on yellow flagged puppys"... That's disguting and not the right way to get in touch with someone. 

Stop flagging pets through their colors. I don't want to pick colors for my fetish. I want to pick colors that I can identify with.

Have a nice time.


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