how i became a pup

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Published On Monday, January 22, 2018
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how I became a pup 
I have been a pup for a year BUT really I have fantasized about being one. I think it started when I first started college, I had an hour break and so did three of my friends so me and my friends were doing our own thing, I was photoshopping hilarious memes and one of my friends was drawing steven universe characters, Homestuck and fursonas and then she showed me a couple of her artwork, I liked her fursonas and I drew a couple of my own. 
Turned eighteen and signed up to Grindr, growr and recon then on recon I met a pup called Max, he was very nice and friendly to me, he bought me a drink and we were talking about pup play and the events he went to and I think he said that some people were into pup play because of their fursonas. 
I joined a group about human pups on KIK and made friends, and I didn't have a name beside Kpup and I was talking to my friend Troy  on kik and I was telling him what I like which was gaming, tech, and comics then he called me Krypto because I really liked Superman and I used to watch Krypto the super dog when I was younger so that where I got the name from. 
i feel more comfortable wearing my hood, collar, suit and playing with my dog toys, eating out of a bowl, and acting like a dog. I don't know why I feel comfortable but I do have a feeling it links in with my depression, maybe I need to feel loved by others, makes it easier to makes friends as a pup than who I really am or maybe I am pushing who I am as a person, just trying to forget the horrible memories when I was a child. But I know one thing this makes me happy, letting my true self out.
I am still a young pup and I still got a lot to know and experience, so I do hope 2018 will be a year that ill go the some of the events, most likely in the summer 

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