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Published On Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Becoming Pup Snoop

Since I was a child, myself and my family are members of various Carnival Clubs here in the South West.

At the age of 9 years old, I was invited to join Hillveiw Carnival Club located in Burnham on Sea. I stayed with this club until I was 16 years old, after which I moved on and joined the adult clubs such as Pentathlon CC. Both my Mother and Father are also life members to this club, and over the years they have actively encouraged me to continue with this.

The best thing about being a part of this great public show, is that I get to wear a variety of costumes and have played a variety of roles throughout my time with these clubs. Dressing up is something I feel is very natural and easy to do.

Since I was a child, teen and early adult years, I've always known about the pup community, but never knew how to go about getting involved. As a child, also including now, I have issues with social anxiety, so this has prevented me from getting actively involved in the community.

When the Grindr App became available here in the UK, I finally found a route into the pup community, it took a long time before I met the very first pup on this App, but unfortunatly, this pup was unable to help me navigate my way into this world. However shortly after this encounter, I did meet some new pups who are local to my area.

The second pup I met was Pup Kaiser, and a few months later I meet Pup Atlas. Both these pups have actively encouraged me to explore this world and have helped me find the confidence to attend events here in the UK.

When I was born, my older sister gave me her childhood teddy, the teddy is from the Snoopy cartoons, Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Even to this day I still have this and will never part with it, it's the only item I have left from my childhood years and have many fond memories playing with this. So when the time came to choose a pup persona, it seemed logical to base my pup persona on this character. And from this moment on "Snoop Pup" was born. 

With my experiences within the Carnivals, I have found dressing as a "pup" to be very easy and natural, I do not feel ucomfortable while dressing up or wearing makeup, and have found that over the years when I do dress up I can escape the realities of everyday living.

Now that I have a route into this community I had to choose my colures for my pup character, again I have based my apperance on the Snoopy cartoons. Snoopy is a white pup with very few black markings, so I have done my best to mirror image this.

As a human character the Gothic and Punk scene has always appealed to me, I have many body piercings and felt that I should reflect this within my pup personality. So when I ordered my very first hood, I asked for a hood to be created to my own specifications. The hood I wear is a simplex hood, it's main colure is white with black ears, with black studs running down the centre of the hood.

I have had to use removable studs, as the studs are potentially dangerous towards others while in pup play and can tear and damage other pup's kit. I have also added piecing rings to the ears to help reflect it's human owner.

The very first event I attended was Pouncing Paws, located at the Talking Heads Club in Southampton. Weeks leading up to this event my anxiety levels were through the roof, and needed much encouragement from pups to find the confidence to attend. The Saturday before the event which is held on a Sunday afternoon, I even backed out and decided I wasn't going to attend simply because I was so nervous. 

However Pup Kaiser was having none of it, and he came round to mine and picked me up and escorted me to Southampton. The ride up there was long and tiring, but when we got there I found I was welcomed by other pups who even to this day have actively encouraged me to explore this new world. 

Even though I experienced a variety of emotions and feelings at the event, it was a very positive experience, and even though I struggled to get into the "pup head space", it gave me a taste of what this world was all about. When the event ended, I was hooked and wanted more of it.

Since that first experience, I have developed my appearance. I have bought a harness and variuos pup kit's that I will be experimenting with over the next several months trying to find what I feel most comfortable wearing. I'm a very sporty individual, so at the moment my kit is all sports, but I have bought other kit which is more Gothic and Punky in apperance. This is something I will try out as time goes on.

I have been back to my second event at Pouncing Paws, and I have found that the second attempt to be more enjoyable than the first experience, yes I was nervous, but I was able to relax more and was able to "pup out" even longer than before and very much look forward to returning to Paws in the new year. I still struggle to get into the "pup head space" but I'm confident as time goes by, I will get better at it.

After these two events I now feel ready to branch out from Pouncing Paws on my own and start attending other events around the UK.

I still use the Grindr App, but now I also use this App to look for new pups or potential new pups wanting to explore this new world. I'm so pleased and happy to introduce Pup Scrunge into this community who is currently exploring this world in his own way and just like Pup Snoop we will both continue to evolve. 

The End.............

Pup Snoop

Taunton - Somerset

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