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Published On Sunday, November 26, 2017
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So this is the story of how I came to be introduced into the pup scene.

Firstly I will give some background so that the story makes a little more sense later one. Three years ago I started University and it has been the best time of my life. It is safe to say that I had a lot of fun - a lot of it experimental fun. I do not want to sound cliche but I did really find myself at uni, I would a completely different person right now if I did not go. It is also where I met the man of my dreams. We met through mutual friends and started dating immediately. And then 10 months down the line he is due to start his new year of university. I had told him how much I loved it and he had already been thinking of going.

So then when the time came to go, we had a big heart-to-heart and decided to break up. I know this seems a little out of the blue but we decided that he wanted to find himself at uni the same way I did and I wanted him to explore who he was.

Not much changed to be fair, even tho we were seeing other people we kept the same level of contact and stuff. We would tell each other who we were seeing and how good they were. And then he told me about one and dropped his name into the conversation. Me being me, later went on twitter and tried to find this person. (I am very good at finding out things) I found him within like 5 minutes and it turns out that he is a pup. My ‘bf’ had definitely explored who he was and we talked about it and it turns out that he was really into the pup scene. At the time I was kind of neutral, I did not know enough about it to either like it or dislike it at this point. So in the end we got back together because we ended up missing each other too much and since then I have been on sites like this and twitter exploring the pup scene and so far I am really enjoying it and I am sure it will become a big part of my life.


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