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Published On Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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Hi, Six here!

Someone asked me about my tag and I realized I hadn't shared with everyone the wonderful store I'd found that sells cheap, long lasting, tags in a variety of colors and styles! I order these kind for my actual 'dogs' and my 13 year old Yorke/Lhasa has been wearing hers for more than a decade without fading, scratches or any other damage.

So, the company I ordered my tags from is on Amazon, and probably Ebay, but I'm not completely sure. I ordered from Amazon. The company is called CNATTAGS LLC and after your first purchase they email you a coupon for a percentage off your next purchase. The tags run about six dollars give or take shipping (which in some cases is free).

The tags are durable and thick, not like a regular thin pet tag, and don't incur damage easily if at all. The engraving is personalized and deep so it never fades and the wide array of colors and styles makes each tag personalized. I own one that I wear on my main color and it's still like new! So, if anyone's interested please check this store out and support them! Thanks guys, happy pupping!


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