Brexit Bans Pup Play

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Published On Saturday, April 1, 2017
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Brexit Bans Pup Play

We all knew that Brexit could lead to troubling times, what with the conservatives being in charge instead of the wonderful guys at UKIP. What we didn't know is that they where planning on strengthening the extreme pornography laws to ban pictures of anything they deemed 'Not Normal'.

It's not public knowledge yet but we've managed to gather some inside knowledge (from the Conservative MP in our basement) that they are planing to bring the new laws to parliament as soon as the Brexit process is completed.

We can't let this stand (or sit) and protests are in the process of being organised to stop this terrible idea of destroying our public right to dress up in fetish gear and bark at/lick/terrorize members of the public.

Be seen, be heard, join us in protecting our way of life!

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