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Published On Sunday, March 12, 2017
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*wags tail* Aroooo....

It's been so lovely having good feedback in my inbox after the post I wrote, being thanked or told I helped people and/or being told it was a sentimental message. I know it's hard to experience bad things, but time is a healer and it does get better. I didn't come from a nice background, infact I had a horrible time. Then one day I just took too much and thought to myself - why do I have to suffer, why should I be mistreated, why should I not be good enough and why should I feel insecure?

The most important thing to know above all is we can make peace with the past given enough time. I have heard people saying they'll never move on and that's fine, if that's the life you chose, then I can't stop you thinking like that. I can't say I won't wish more for you though. You didn't deserve to go through bad stuff and neither did I, but you have to realise that now is now. Letting those things hold you down forever - you will never get better - why? Because you are living for that pain and that time. The only way you can truly make peace with anything is to move forward... Make new memories and experience, a new chapter... this time should finally be about you and what you want.

If you are still suffering then maybe try and surround yourself with better people, remove yourself from negative situations, only take the good stuff to heart ❤️ 
(I know we aren't all able to do that - I'm not silly), but if you are in a position to do so... who is stopping you from having the life you chose, if not yourself?

Those who aren't able to, can and should go for walks, clear the air, allow themselves some time and openly speak to people they trust.

I just want to end this post with an important message -

Always remember that you aren't alone. You have support and not just from me, but from people who care about you. Pawmise me something? Don't bottle up your life, that fire burning inside you is the thing destroying you. It's ok to be scared and to feel like you are being invaded or that someone will known you like an open book, but once it's out in the open - you truly will feel better for it. We all need to offload at some point and we all need to feel like someone is there for us or can understand.

Smile, I know you can!! 

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