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Published On Monday, January 9, 2017
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Many people asked if they could order the monthly gifts and toys without the artwork and treats. We have now added a new monthly gift pack to the subscription page which allows people to do just that!

The packages now contain the following:

  • £5 - No adverts on the Puppy Pride website
  • £10 - The themed poster and collectable card, drawn by SubSpaceSilver
  • £15 - The toy and exclusive gift
  • £25 - The artwork pack, the gift pack, and extra treats!

The more people that help to support us through these monthly subscriptions the better we can make the packs, and the more we can do to help the community.

If everyone in this room donated just £5 a month then we would be able to cover all current costs, add videos to the site securely, add new sponsor only features, and be able to help local events in all major areas with equipment and treats!

So please help us out if you can. We can't do it without you.

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