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Published On Tuesday, November 29, 2016
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Chapter One.

It had been a hard thing to come to terms with, but after a long time secretly searching my soul I had come to conclusion that I was a dog. I don't mean a play-thing, I mean a dog that had been born in the wrong body. I had attended many rubber and leather clubs and had Masters training me and getting me to perform tricks, but that was not the same. I am a dog. The only human trait I had was the overwhelming joy I found when encased in rubber.

I found a Master who had kennelled me for about 2 years. He came home one day and ordered me to be human for an hour. This was something he knew I hated, so he only ordered this on very important occasions. He handed me a page from a medical journal, a new Bio-regenerative process had been discovered and subjects were wanted to take part in the trial at the University of Keele.

So there I sit, in a small room, with two other guys also wanting to take part in the Trial. The Professor in charge has informed us that the trails had been running for the past 3 years, and things where going well with the other subjects, 9 in total. He explained that he had many applicants after each advert had been published and that we were the 3 most suitable for the project this year. We had been given a lot of forms to filled out and signed;. This had to be one of the hardest things I had ever had to do.

The first form was simple, it asked about any medical conditions, alleges etc. The second, however, was to be signed by my parents - It took a lot to tell them I was gay, they could also cope with the rubber after all I used to wear it all the time. But now I wanted to be a dog! I tried to explain it was the same sort of thing as having a sex change, only I wanted to change species. I don't think that helped, but they smiled and signed it anyway saying that “If I was sure it would make me happy”. The Third form was for my Owner to sign to confirm that I would have a home to go to when I had finished the Bio-regeneration. The last form was the one that turned me on. It also asked me for the reasons why I wanted to become a dog, along with any other information I wished to give.

Well this was easy for me, as a child I had always slept under the bed and pretended it was my kennel, I had always felt the need to serve and protect. I even mentioned the enjoyment I thrill of being dressed in rubber and feeling a collar with the jangle of the tags round my neck. When he read this the Prof. smiled at me, and just whispered under his breath "Excellent . . ."

So, with our Owners now having left, we sat there, the four of us – The three subjects, Dan & John, myself and the Prof. The room was small and contained two pictures of the anatomy of a human and that of a dog. Prof explained to us some of the medical operations that would have to take place for the physical transformation take place. The Hips would he shattered and re-positioned, the shoulder blades would be rotated and extra muscles added to the back of the neck to re-align the head. This briefing took about 6 hours after which we where given our first sight of what was going to happen.

The door to the room opened and a young man, about 25, entered the room he was wearing a leather collar and was lead by a smart technician in a white overall. He entered the room on all fours, and had obviously had the treatment we had just had explained to us. It looked odd, (but highly erotic). He had also had some plastic surgery to his face and hands to make them more dog like. He was ordered to talk to us. This was now getting very surreal, here we where talking to a dog: This was what I wanted more than anything. This is where I wanted to be. No, what I wanted to be. This was our last chance to back out.

It was getting late and we where taken to our rooms. Mine was not spacious, but comfortable, I was still wearing my rubber T-shirt and trousers. I thought about removing them, but that time was going to come all too soon. Instead I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, tall, blonde, and intelligent; but in the wrong body. The room had a bed in it, it also had a large wicker basket in the corner, I had no hesitation in going to the corner, curling up into a ball and going to sleep, fully dressed.

Chapter 2

A year had passed. The pain has been unbearable at times. The operations to correct my posture had taken about 4 weeks. After this the physiotherapist had put Dan and me through many hours a painful training building up new muscle groups. John had left the program after the first meeting having decided that he liked his fantasy more that the reality. But John and I know that we where now well past the point of no return. John had been into leather, this, we both agreed was the one luxury we both missed, being dresses in our leather and rubber. However, that was a thing of the past as no clothes would have now fitted us except, of course, the collars we now wore continuously round our necks. They where kind enough to give me a rubber collar and Dan a leather one; just to give us a little comfort. Even if we wanted to remove them, which we didn’t, we were new unable to remove them as the surgery had also removed our fingers and toes from our hands and feet and reshaped them to act more like paws.

Prof. called us to the monthly meeting; he was very please with our progress. We had lived as dogs for the last 6 months only talking when ordered to do so. We were allowed to have regular visits from our Masters. Dan’s Master was about 6 foot tall I think, I still have to get used to this unusual angle that I now have to look at the world. He always wore leather trousers and I think he rode a motor bike as I could smell the oil and traffic on the leather. My masters had to travel up from London, so his visits were not as regular, I knew when he was outside my room, I could smell the rubber. I remember the first time he visited: He was used to seeing me on all fours, but the sight of me walking properly on all fours was a bit of a shock. He brought with him a rubber bone. He stroked me and caresses me. I was as rampant as a dog on heat. I had not had sex for over eight months, and without hands had to resort to rubbing myself off on the bed legs. He saw how his affection aroused me and clicked my lead to my collar and tied me to the bed. As he opened his fly the scent of rubber poured out, this rubber-covered cock fell out and his muscular arm made its way round my neck. As he entered my naked body, his rubbered body pushed up and down my back. I came almost at once and he finished of at his own pace. My cum lay all over the floor, he ordered me to clean up before the nurse came back. Instinctively I licked the floor clean. He was further shocked when I sat back and instinctively started to lick my balls clean, having never seen me do this before. I stopped for a moment then continued when I saw him smile and say "Good Boy".

This monthly meeting was different to the pervious ones. Instead of the usual medical equipment being laid out to test our responses, weight etc there was a table, behind which a panel of Doctors sat. They looked pleased as the two of us sat doggie style in front of them. "We are please to tell you that since we started this trial four years ago we have been able to transform 3 humans into thinking they are now dogs permanently, they almost look like dogs. But since then we have made some advances. We are now able to permanently give you new coats. Your predecessors have a fine coat of hair covering their bodies, but this requires them to take hormone tables each month." With this the door was opened and a dog was walked in. As we looked closely we could see that this was the young man we had seen last year. Was it a full year ago that we had seen him walked in now seeing us in the state he was then? The Doctors left. We were all given permission to talk freely. He laughed and told us we looked odd, neither 'fish nor fowl'. He on the other hand looked stunning, god I could not wait for the next year to start.

The doctors came back and the young man - sorry dog - was lead away. The next thing we have to do is take one of you to see the new yearlings, I was chosen for this, my lead was clicked on and I was walked down the corridor to the small room I have first been taken to when I arrived. There sat 3 new guys, each looked at me and absorbed the sight of this 31 year old man, standing in front of them, on all four perfectly formed paws, level back, and elongated muzzle, but still quite obviously a man. After they had asked me all same lists of things I had asked 12 months earlier I was lead back to the Doctors and Dan.

Dan was sat, obediently, awaiting my return. The Prof. started to explain that it was now possible to take some of our own cells and grow them in a culture, to genetically alter it's make up. This would remove the need for hormone injections after they had finished with us. What was more, they were able to include additional materials into the cells. Dan and I looked at each other confused. "What we propose is, according to you original questionnaires, to add the fetish cover of your choice. However, this is the first time we have tried this and it will not be forced on you but . . ." he did not finish his sentence; the look in our eyes spoke volumes. "This would mean that your skin would be replaced with the living cover of you choice, I presume that is rubber for you, and leather for you." I glanced at Dan; his doggie hard and knot on was as big as mine. "I'll take that as a yes" smiled Prof.

Chapter 3

The next year went slowly, some of my skin cells where removed and I underwent more and more skills training for when I was a fully proper dog. Standing on 3 legs to piss, Barking practice, this become easier as time went on, sometime I would forget words and just barks a sound in it's place. The last of the medical procedures was completed - my coccyx was, broken, extended and uncurled from the base of my spine to give me a tail, this took may hours of skill to perfect it's movement, now it just happens, like blinking. My Master still visits, he has been a tower of strength, he always bring be some drops or a chew toys to play with.

Eventually, the day came when my new skin DNA was to be inserted. I was expecting this to be a major operation, instead they just gave me 3 tablets. Once I have taken then they gave me a sedative, as they informed me that the affects could be painful. Time went by very slowly - I think. They kept coming in a giving me more painkillers, I did not feel a thing. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, I looked no different to normal. After about 3 weeks of continual sedatives and painkillers I started to notice my skin was starting to turn a darker shade. I could feel a burning, tingling sensitisation all over my body. As I rubbed my body I could feel it was smooth as all my hair had fallen out. I went to my mirror. I looked like a naked dark shinny dog. For the first time in 2 years I wanted - correction - needed to have a wank but my paws prevented this. The burning continued for 2 more weeks, my skin turned jet black, and shone like shop new rubber. The painkillers and sedatives stopped and as my mind came back to me I could not take my mind off the most important thing in my life at that time. Me.

Shortly after, my Master came to visit after the doctors where happy that my metabolism had settled down. He looked at me and beamed. I looked up at Him and knew at that moment that he was now my main and only concern. The human I needed to look after, protect and be loyal to fore the rest of my days. "Heal" he ordered, without hesitation I was at his side. He stayed with me all day; I no longer had 'me' on my mind, this was replaced with HIM. At the end of the day he sat me in front of him, "I know you understand me. I have one more treat for you" his tone was commanding. "The doctors have informed me that you physical transformation is now complete, you are now the Rubber Dog you really wanted to be. I want you back home and will always care for you. But the next stage is entirely up to you, you don’t have to go any further if you don't wish to." I look at him for a moment, "Do you want to think like a dog?" he asked. I already do, I thought to myself, then realised what I had just done. I had made my response in my mind in English, a human trait. "The doctors say you have done well, and they are prepared to have you reprogrammed with only the information you require to live as a dog, you would become a puppy with no training, no understanding of language, no understanding of human emotion. Just the need to obey and be loyal to me. Is this what you want?" "Bark" "Speak in English" "YES SIR, PLEASE SIR" "Good, this is what I want as well" With this he scratched be behind my ear and felt.

Dan and I where lead to a room and told we could talk freely, although this was quite difficult with our fully completed muzzles, teeth and panting tongues. He had opted to keep his full use of English and his human mind, locked in his new leather-skinned dog body, and was leaving the program. He stood there as I made my way round to sniff his backside, his tail wagging in the air. As I made my way back to his head I admired the look and smell of the new leather skin he had. It was amazing to behold, it had no zipper, no seams, it was a full skin made out of black leather. His joules had been made to look like that of a Bloodhound and he slobbered over his reshaped teeth. It was odd to me to see a dog that could talk; almost as odd as first seeing the young man 3 years ago on all fours but I new I would not be happy until I was a real dog. He told me he wanted to be able to love his owner as a human dog, and hoped that he could visit when I was a full dog. I told him he could, as he was my littermate, although I had been warned I would possibly not remember him, or anyone else after the procedure except my Master, I hoped I would. Dan licked me, and left. Prof. entered the room. "Are you ready?" with this he lead my rubber skinned dog form out of the room and into the surgery one more time. "First I must insert this micro-chip in you neck, as with all dogs you will now be registered on the Kennel Club Data Base, you will also have to obey all travel and Quarantine Laws. Your Master already has you dog license. This is you very last chance to back out. Are you still sure this is what you want?" I nodded. "Thank you Professor"

As Max’s Master I woke up as the alarm rang to be licked on the face by a huge rubber dog. I patted me on the head and he followed him into the kitchen. His water bowl was full and a tin of food was opened and put down for him . . . . He seems content, with his tail wagging. I am so proud of what he has achieved and will care for him always.

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