Changes to the October Sponsors Picture & Pup Out Tomorrow!

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Published On Friday, September 9, 2016
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Puppy Pride Sponsorship Packages

After feedback on the image announced last week we have decided to make some changes to it.

Please remember that the profit made from these boxes goes directly to supporting the upkeep of the social network, and towards purchasing equipment for pet play events over the UK.

Pup Out At The Three Tuns

Saturday 10th September

12:00pm - 6:00pm

Pup Out is back again at a pub in Aldgate, East London. We have exclusive use of 2 of the floors, and shared use of the group floor and smoking area.

Entry to the event will cost £5, or £3 if you have a Puppy Pride ID card. This is to help cover the costs of the treats, staffing, and transport of the equipment.

There will be a huge matted area covering most of the second floor, ball pit, loads of dog toys, and of course plenty of treats!

Please note, that while you can wear pretty much anything you want while in the exclusive areas you MUST cover up your lower half if you are going to the outside smoking area.

Contact Spunkx if you have any questions


Pup Out is going to have a raffle for our launch party (and maybe more often if this goes well)!

Everyone will get a ticket as part of their entry fee, and a second one if you mark yourself down as attending on this page by logging into the site and pressing the buttons above.

Prizes: - £50 Clone Zone voucher - Clonezone Goodie Bag - A Puppy Pride T-shirt


We will be bringing with a small selection of basics from the store for people to be able to browse and purchase on the day.

If you want anything in particular to collect on the day then please purchase it on the store using the discount code "ThreeTuns" so it won't charge you postage. Please note that not all items are kept in stock, and anything that says 'Backorder' needs to be purchased in advance so we can get it in.

Mr Puppy UK

Saturday 24th September 2016

1:00pm - 11:00pm

Mr Puppy UK is the official national contest to elect a representative for the UK's Pups & Handlers community! Held annually, this year's contest is on 24 September at Boltz Club in Birmingham, as part of that weekend's Pup Social.

The contest itself is a lot of fun! It is held over a dedicated social weekend for pups, handlers, and friends. A great way to showcase your personality, offer up your ideas for where you think you might be able to take the community forward, and let lots of friendly pups and handlers get to know you and what's pawsome about you.

There's a dog agility course for a Crufts-style competition, a pup play area with dedicated mosh time, and a range of contest segments to offer you a variety of ways to demonstrate your personality and talent.

At the end of the evening, one pup will be given the title Mr Puppy UK, and a full year with which to represent pups & handlers across the country, and to represent the UK abroad. That gives you lots of opportunity to advance and advocate for the community, as well as have loads of fun at events and socials throughout the year! You'll be the country's top dog in more ways than one.

Come and join us at the Pup Social and the Mr Puppy UK contest. We promise you to do our best to give you a welcoming, fun, and exciting weekend - and the chance to win the title for yourself!

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