New hoods, tags and toys on sale in the Puppy Pride Store!

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Published On Friday, August 12, 2016
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Puppy Pride Store

Wruff Stuff Hoods

We are pleased to announce that we now stock a huge range of neoprene hoods from Wruff Stuff! They are all made to order and you can choose the colours you want to make them uniquely yours.

These hoods have an RRP of £174.99, but are currently on sale for £149.99, so you can save £25 on your hood until the end of the month!

New Dog Tags

We've just restocked our dog tags and have over 500!

These include your old favourite designs as well as two new ones: the Puppy Pride logo, and "Silly Puppy" (by popular demand).

These are available in the same 9 colours as before: Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and Silver.

New Dog Toys

We've also got brand new dog toys from KONG - one of the best manufacturers in the UK. Check out the full range!

Mr Puppy UK

Saturday 24th September 2016

1:00pm - 11:00pm

Mr Puppy UK is the official national contest to elect a representative for the UK's Pups & Handlers community! Held annually, this year's contest is on 24 September at Boltz Club in Birmingham, as part of that weekend's Pup Social.

The contest itself is a lot of fun! It is held over a dedicated social weekend for pups, handlers, and friends. A great way to showcase your personality, offer up your ideas for where you think you might be able to take the community forward, and let lots of friendly pups and handlers get to know you and what's pawsome about you.

There's a dog agility course for a Crufts-style competition, a pup play area with dedicated mosh time, and a range of contest segments to offer you a variety of ways to demonstrate your personality and talent.

At the end of the evening, one pup will be given the title Mr Puppy UK, and a full year with which to represent pups & handlers across the country, and to represent the UK abroad. That gives you lots of opportunity to advance and advocate for the community, as well as have loads of fun at events and socials throughout the year! You'll be the country's top dog in more ways than one.

Come and join us at the Pup Social and the Mr Puppy UK contest. We promise you to do our best to give you a welcoming, fun, and exciting weekend - and the chance to win the title for yourself!

Website Updates

Group Topic Emails

You'll now receive an email whenever a new topic is created in a group that you subscribe to. You can unsubscribe from a group by opening it and clicking the button in the header.

Birthday Emails and Tweets

Puppy Pride is now emailing everyone to wish them a happy birthday! @PuppyPrideUK will also send you a tweet if your Twitter account is set on your profile.

Manchester Pride

Saturday 27th August 2016

10:00am - 7:00pm

We will be marching in the parade on the 27th of August at Manchester Pride and having a post parade pup party back at Bar Pop. Please fill out the form on the Kennel Klub web site with your details so that we know how many of us there will be and can give you all the info you need. We have limited space in our walking group so please register your details with us to let us know you want to be in the parade at

10am - 10.30am Pre March meet up at Bar Pop on Canal Street for changing facilities and safe storage of clothes.

11am Meet at the parade start point on Liverpool Road next to the Museum Of Science And Industry.

4.30pm Clothes pick up and post parade puppy party back at Bar Pop!

*Please note that Bar Pop is inside the event cordon and you will need a wristband to be able to access Canal Street all weekend. Manchester Pride tickets are available from:

Please contact Kazuki for more information

Puppy Pride Membership Cards

Show your support for Puppy Pride by getting one of our membership cards!

Not only do you get to personalise the cards, but also you can then use them to get discounts in UK shops!

Currently you can get 10% off in Clone Zone, Expectations, Prowler, Fifty & Dean, and Simply Pleasures (Soho).

You can see the up-to-date list here: and see new discounts as we update the list.

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