Pride in London might be over, but there's load more to come!

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Published On Friday, July 1, 2016
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Thank you for coming to Pride in London

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who turned up and offered their support for the 6th annual pup walk. This year there were more pups, ponies, kittens, and friends than any other year!

We would also like to thank Doggett's for accommodating 70 pups and handlers after the parade, and hosting an amazing buffet for us all.

Whether or not you made it to Pride in London, we hope to see you at other events in the future. For information about other upcoming Prides and other UK events, please see the bottom of this newsletter or the Puppy Pride website:

Photos of Pride in London can be found here: We will more photos to the 2016 folder when we get permission from the photographers.

Pups In The Park

Sunday 10th July

On Sunday the 10th July at 11:00 till late Pups of the South will be hosting their first event.

They will have pup games, activities and changing room will be available.

Attire is normal summer clothes with your Pup gear too. As this is a family area please be sensible with gear and if you are unsure please message Havoc for any details.

Best in Show Fetish Week London 2016

Wednesday 13th July

Fetish Week London hosts its first official pup event!

This is a party at #FWL2016 where pups and handlers can come, meet and play together. Sign up to participate in the "Best in Show" competition or just come down and wag your tail at those taking part (details to be provided at a later date).

After the contest will be a social where everyone can mix, play and get to know each other better.

This is a Recon event but Puppy Pride will be there to provide the Petting Zoo.

This is a male-only event.

Wear your ROLE with Pride

The Puppy Pride Store is now open and launching a range of ROLE t-shirts! They all have the Puppy Pride logo on the front and your choice of: Puppy, Alpha, Beta, Handler, or Kitten on the back.

They are currently 25% off, at £15 until the end of the month.

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