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Published On Saturday, June 18, 2016
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Pride in London 2016

Pride in London 2016 is on Saturday 25th June and we look forward to seeing you next week!


Everyone walking in the Parade is required to wear a "Pride in London" wristband. We have been permission to wear them on collars and harnesses. If you receive this email, it means you have already reserved your wristbands to collect from us on the day.

The information below is correct at the moment. If things change, we WILL inform you as soon as possible.

We have arranged TWO meeting points for people to collect their wristbands. They are earlier than what was posted on the website when we added the event in December and we know that not everyone has seen the changes.

If you have a DOGGETT'S ticket:

Doggett's will open at 9AM for people to get changed. At 10AM, we will leave Doggett's as a group and get a train to Regent's Park. Please meet us at Doggett's between these times and allow yourself time to get changed.

Please ensure you have your Oyster card / Contactless Card / Apple Pay / Google Play / Travelcard with you before you get to the venue.

At Regent's Park station, we will meet the rest of the walking group, and all walk to our position in the Parade.

Once we leave Doggett's, the room with the bags will be locked by the staff. No-one will have access to it.

If you do NOT have a Doggett's ticket (or don't want to use the changing area / bag storage):

We plan to meet people not using the Doggett's changing area / bag storage at Regent's Park station at 10:40. Please be there for when we arrive if you can. Once everyone has been marked off the list we can then proceed to the meeting point.


This is the cut-off point for Section B (which we are part of). Once the group has been 'sealed' by Pride in London, no-one else will be allowed to join the group. Please don't be late.


We are going to be waiting for about 2 hours before the Parade sets off. Please bring plenty of water - especially if you are in rubber! If you take medicine, please ensure you bring that too.


When the parade breaks up at Whitehall, we would like everyone to stick together for 5 minutes so we can pose for a massive group photos. We'll then pay a quick trip to the Embankment station toilets.

If you have a ticket for Doggett's, you will join us as we walk as a group back to the venue. Food should be ready when we arrive, so that people can tuck in straight away. The exact menu has changed slightly and will include extra options, especially for the vegetarians.


If you have a March-only ticket but would like to join us at Doggett's, there are some final tickets left. Tickets for Doggett's on the Puppy Pride website here.

The ticket fee covers the cost of your food and a drink. All money goes to the venue, we do not make any profit from this event.

TICKETS FOR DOGGETT'S WILL STOP BEING SOLD ON FRIDAY. We need to give the pub a final number of attendees, so they know how much food to cook.

If we sell 100 tickets to Doggett's, we'll even hire a chocolate fountain - so tell your friends to come!

Anyone with a ticket to Doggett's will also get the new 2016 Puppy Pride Wristband for FREE.

Puppy Pride Membership Cards

Puppy Pride has teamed up with the best UK fetish stores to give discounts for our members! With a membership card, you can get 10% off at: CloneZone, Expectations, Fetish Freak, Fifty & Dean, Prowler, and Simply Pleasures (Soho branch). Manchester pups can also get £1 off entry to Alert.

We are talking to more stores all the time and hope to be able to increase this list. You can find a current list of venues where you can get a discount here.

To claim your discounts, you will need to buy one of Membership Cards from:

They only cost £10. All the money goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of Puppy Pride.

If you're going to be at Pride in London this year, you can use the discount code 'LONDONPRIDE' on the website to save on shipping costs by receiving it from Puppy Pride on the day.

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