Pride in London is only a week away!

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Published On Friday, June 17, 2016
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Pride in London 2016

Pride in London 2016 is on Saturday 25th June, so come along and join all the pups for the Parade!

Everyone walking in London Pride is required to wear a "Pride in London" wristband. We have been permission to wear them on collars and harnesses. Last week we where told that groups would have a limited number of these wristbands.

This is due to London Pride itself having a cap on the total amount of walkers in the parade, for safety and security reasons. To keep it fair they have allocated wristands to the groups based upon based number of participants at previous events.

Between Pup Social and us we have a total of 200 marching wristbands, given on a first come first serve basis. Both of us are running out and you MUST book yours soon.

Tickets to walk in the parade are FREE, but you NEED to get a 'March Only' ticket here.

We also have a changing room and bag storage set up for before pride, and a buffet and play area after. If you want to join us for this please get your ticket here for £15. This almost covers the costs of the food and a drink at the venue, and there is no profit being made.

For those that booked tickets through Puppy pride:

Full details on meeting are still being finalised (and will be sent in a separate newsletter to people who have registered) but at the moment we are planning on meeting at 9am at Doggett's to get changed. We will then leave Doggett's just before 10am to get a train to Regents Park, where we will meet those not coming to Doggetts at about 10:40am, before walking down to the London Pride check in point at Portland Place.


Time will be tight so no posing for photos as we walk to the start please.

Once the parade breaks up at Whitehall we would like everyone to wait for 5 minutes by the wall of whichever side street we are allowed down so we can pose for a massive group photos. We'll then pay a quick trip to the Embankment station toilets before walking back to Doggett's.

Food should be ready when we arrive, so that people can tuck in as soon as we arrive. The exact menu has changed slightly and will include extra options, especially for the vegetarians.

Anyone who gets a paid ticket to Doggett's get a FREE Puppy Pride Wristband (2016 edition)

Puppy Pride Membership Cards

Puppy Pride has teamed up with some UK fetish stores to get discounts for our members and currently have 10% off at: Clone Zone, Expectations, Fetish Freak, Fifty & Dean, Prowler, & Simply Pleasures (Soho branch). For the Manchester pups you can get £1 off entry to Alert.

We are talking to more stores all the time and hope to be able to increase this list, which will be kept up to date here:

To be able to claim your discount you will need one of our Membership cards which can be bought here for just £10. All the money goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of Puppy Pride.

If you're going to be at London Pride this year then you can use the discount code LONDONPRIDE on the website and it'll remove the shipping costs and I'll hand it to you in person on the day.

London Pride

Changing Area and After Party

This year we have hired the middle floor of Doggett's Coat and Badge, near Blackfriars!

This will serve as a changing area before the Parade, and as space for the after party as well. The venue is spacious and secure enough for people to get changed and store their bags.

On the day, we will take a train from Doggett's to the Parade, and walk back to the pub when the Pup Walk is done. Waiting for us will be a huge buffet, as well as our mats and beds so people can relax or play.

To pay for this, tickets for £15. All money will go towards covering the cost of the venue and food.

Marching in Pride is, and always will be, FREE! If you just want to be part of the walking group, you must claim a free ticket from the website.

Get your tickets from Ticket Tailor today!

Best in Show Fetish Week London 2016

Wednesday 13th July

Fetish Week London hosts its first official pup event!

This is a party at #FWL2016 where pups and handlers can come, meet and play together. Sign up to participate in the "Best in Show" competition or just come down and wag your tail at those taking part (details to be provided at a later date).

After the contest will be a social where everyone can mix, play and get to know each other better.

This is a Recon event but Puppy Pride will be there to provide the Petting Zoo.

This is currently a male-only event.

Wear your ROLE with Pride

The Puppy Pride Store is now open and launching a range of ROLE t-shirts! They all have the Puppy Pride logo on the front and your choice of: Puppy, Alpha, Beta, Handler, or Kitten on the back.

They are currently 25% off, at £15 until the end of the month.

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