Watch the Pups on Channel 4!

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Published On Friday, May 13, 2016
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Watch the pups on Channel 4

Since last year, Puppy Pride has been filmed as part of the upcoming documentary, "Secret Life of the Human Pups". The program will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday 25th May at 10pm. In case you miss it, it will be shown again on 4seven on Friday 27th May at 10PM.

Tune in to watch pups from all over the UK talk about what being a pup means to them!

The documentary was filmed by Firecracker Films. If you have any issues with the program, please sit outside their offices and howl at them constantly.

Website Updates


Anybody can now create their own groups on the website! You can make groups for people in your area, for people who like a particular fetish, or just for your personal pack.

You can also join existing groups, create discussion topics, upload pictures, see associated events and more.

There is no limit to the amount of groups you can join. Log in now and find even more like-minded people today!


Forums are being phased out. Topics will soon be read-only (you won't be able to create new discussions), and will be removed completely by the end of the year. Please move your discussions to related groups!

Known Issues

We are fixing the bug preventing you from commenting on statuses on the update feed.

The chat room is currently down due to our installation of CloudFlare. We hope to have it up again soon.

While we install new servers, there may be brief periods of downtime for the website.

Join our Alpha Pack!

Puppy Pride is growing. We're looking for people like you, to help manage the website, community, and events.

To be considered, you just need to:

You do NOT need to be an Alpha, a pup, or even a UK resident.

To apply for a position in the Alpha Pack, just complete this form on Google Forms. Thank you!

Pup Out at Expectations

London - 14th May

Pup Out at Expectations is back again on the second Saturday of the month, Saturday 14th May!

Pup Out is a FREE event where you can do just that - pup out and play in a safe and friendly environment. The event features a large padded floor area to play in, puppy themed treats, and lots of toys.

This is a mixed event, so males, females, and trans are all equally welcome. You must be 18+ to attend.

The closest Underground station is Old Street on the Northern Line (Bank Branch).

Click here for more details about this event.

Come on down and get your tail wagging!

Sexcircus VIP Tickets

Tickets for Sexcircus will be on sale during Pup Out.

Everyone who buys a ticket will be entered into our raffle. Two lucky winners will get their tickets upgraded to VIP tickets for free!

So make sure you come along to Expectations, and get your tickets while you're here.

Club RUB

London - 21st May

Club RUB are celebrating their 19th Birthday Party on Saturday 21st May at The Garage and we've been invited along to sponsor the event!

We'll be providing our usual petting zoo in the middle of the club so that animals of all species can come and play.


London - 28th May

Orange Nation are running a new event called Sexcircus on Saturday 28th May from 11pm until 6am.

We will be there with our petting zoo, for any pets who want to come along. The petting zoo will be a no-sex area! More details about the main event are on the website.

You can get your tickets here:

Get your tickets for early bird prices, with the discount code PUPPYPRIDE

London Pride Changing Area and After Party

This year we have hired the middle floor of Doggett's Coat and Badge, near Blackfriars!

This will serve as a changing area before the Parade, and as space for the after party as well. The venue is spacious and secure enough for people to get changed and store their bags.

On the day, we will take a train from Doggett's to the Parade, and walk back to the pub when the Pup Walk is done. Waiting for us will be a huge buffet, as well as our mats and beds so people can relax or play.

To pay for this, tickets for £15. All money will go towards covering the cost of the venue and food.

Please remember, you do NOT need a ticket to take part in the pup walk itself. Pride is, and always will be, FREE! If you just want to be part of the walking group, please just join us at the start of the Parade on Saturday 25th June.

Get your tickets from Ticket Tailor today!

Pride in London 2016

Pride in London 2016 is on Saturday 25th June, so come along and join all the pups for the Parade!

The pup walk is FREE and more details can be found here.

This year, we have hired Doggett's as a venue for changing and storing clothes, and eating / partying afterwards! Details and tickets for the venue can be found here.

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