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Published On Friday, January 29, 2016
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Pride in London 2016

On Saturday 25th June, we invite you to join us for our 6th annual walk through the streets of London in full fetish gear.

This year, we are being joined by Pup Social, [email protected], Mr Puppy UK, Pups of the North, and hopefully you!

Check out pictures from the last five years on Dropbox to see what the group has been like in the past. We have doubled in numbers every year, and hope to do so again.

On the Day

This year we will have a venue with a changing area so you can safely get into your gear before the Parade. Details to come on this later!

Otherwise we will be meeting at Baker Street/George Street for the parade at 12:30 and setting off at 1pm. We'll then walk down Oxford street, Regent Street, past Trafalgar Square and onto Whitehall where we'll take our annual group photo. We should finish at about 3:30pm.

After the Parade, we will go back to the venue, where there will be drinks and a buffet lunch!

We also plan to have a dinner on the previous night. More details to come.

Dress Code

Full gear is preferred but not required. All we ask is that you make an effort.

Pups are strongly advised to wear kneepads and gloves/mitts for their own comfort and safety.

Do NOT wear plug tails. Do NOT wear backless underwear if you're going to be on all fours. We have been warned about this and don't want to risk being banned from the Parade.


Introduce yourself to me (Kye) when you arrive. I am legally liable for everyone in the group, so I need to know who you are and if you have any medical conditions.

Bring water and any medication you might need.

Stay behind the lead pup at all times on the walk, and leave a distance of at least 2 metres from the group in front.

As we aren't classified as a commercial walking group, handouts, banners, etc, are prohibited. This is because we are register as a community group and not a business. If we break the rules we risk being reclassified and pay 10 times as much to enter the Parade next year!

If you want to wave Leather Puppy Pride Flag (the stripy one with a bone) then we request that you stay at the back of the walking group at all times while waving it. This is because people get greatly upset when all the photos of them online has them covered by flags. And we all know pups love being in photos!

For more important information, see the event listing for London Pride 2016.


By attending the march with the Puppy Pride walking group you grant us full rights to use any images of yourself both on our website and for marketing purposes. Be these images taken by our photographers, from other members of the walking group, or from the public domain.

We will be sharing many of the images via Dropbox in the days following the Parade. If you find any after the event which are not on there please remember to forward them to me so that they can be added!

To find out more and confirm your attendance, check out the official event listing on Puppy Pride.

See you all soon, Kye

[email protected] cancelled this month

Sorry, more details to follow later. They are hoping to be back in March!

Bristol Photoshoot!

There will be a photoshoot in Bristol on Saturday 20th February. We will be starting in a central town location before going for a walk around Bristol. If you want to take part, please email [email protected]

Pup Out at Expectations

Pup Out is a new FREE event where you can do just that - pup out and play in a safe and friendly environment.

The event will feature a large padded floor area to play in, puppy themed treats, and a ball pit.

This is a mixed event, so males, females, and trans are all equally welcome. You must be 18+ to attend.

The closest Underground station is Old Street on the Northern Line (Bank Branch).

Come on down and get your tails wagging!


Club Rules

Pups are not objects, please respect them, ask before petting, and do NOT pull on their tails. Please also respect all gear and equipment.

If you knock anything of the shelves put it back.

No sex! Tails are of course allowed.

Take care not to attack any customers (chewing on ankles is acceptable)


Photography is allowed, but please ask the subjects BEFORE you take the photos.

We will have a professional photographer taking pictures in and around the event for any pups or handlers who want photos of themselves in gear. We also have access to the back alley for anyone who wants to take pictures outside.

Dress Code

Fetish gear is not mandatory! You can come in everyday wear if you wish.

Pups are encouraged to wear kneepads and gloves. This is for their own safety.

Spiked hoods / collars / clothing are banned from the padded area and ball pit. They can be hazardous to the pups as well as their gear.

We recommend that you cover all piercings before playing with other pets.

This is technically a public venue so please keep your genitals covered.

Food & Drink

Free snacks will be provided for you to feed the pups and snack on. Expectations are also providing a range of soft drinks, wine, and beer.

While these treats are free, we encourage you to buy things from the store as a thank you - especially as they are providing as with discounts on the day

You are also welcome to bring your own spirits if you want to make mixers.

Website Updates

We are aware that the chatroom disallows more than 10 people in a room at a time. We're working to fix this issue and apologise for the inconvenience it's causing.

As always, just email [email protected] if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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