Anything He Wants - Part II Puppy Play Story

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Published On Tuesday, August 2, 2016
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How well she was behaving now! He thought, as he looked down at the eager puppygirl at his feet. The sculpted black leather mask framed her loving gaze and extended in a pointed muzzle. The upright ears bounced a little with her content wagging. The lead connected his grip to her collar, and he tugged on it a little to get her to kneel. She obliged, raising her paws up to her chest in a polite and pretty “beg.”

“Very good girl!” he praised her. She sat back down, nose wandering in curiosity at her surroundings newly viewed through the eyes of a dog.

He smiled warmly at the sight. He could do anything he wanted to her at this point, she was absolutely his. He clicked his tongue to get her attention and she perked up, a gloved “paw” raised in alertness. “Laika, stay.” He used her pup name to keep her mind where he could best control it. He kneeled down next to her and started to undress her. “Puppies don’t need clothes right?” he said as he removed item after item. She “wuffed” softly in affirmation, but he could tell that her mind wasn’t really focusing on his words. She sniffed around his neck and hair, tickling him slightly. He stroked her shoulders, then carefully pulled her shirt over her head. Unclipping her bra, he ran his hands over her breasts appreciatively. She exhaled sharply in surprise, but in a moment she leaned into his hands to enjoy the petting.

“Mmm what a sexy pup, look at you.” He gently pet over the curve of her back and cupped her bare ass which wiggled back and forth in appreciation of receiving attention. He briefly dipped his fingers in between her legs to find a puddle of warmth slicking down her thighs.

He gave a mock gasp which set her off. She bounced on her front paws, barking excitedly. “Now what is this…?? Do I have a horny little pup on my hands?”

She spun in a little circle and play bowed, jazzed by his energy. He rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans, “Settle down pup, settle down. Shh shh.” He smiled at the thought of the fact that this happy, compliant, submissive pup was actually his articulate, degree-holding girlfriend who he had already introduced to his mother. His girlfriend cocked her dog-eared head, tapping her paws excitedly.

The sight of her bared breasts and wagging ass had him going though. He felt his erection pressing against fabric. “Laika. Laika, look here girl.” He started to unzip his jeans a little. She barked and got up to investigate what she knew would be a reward. “You want it? Hm? Want a treat?” She barked in affirmation.

He pulled his cock loose from his boxer briefs and let her nuzzle it for a few moments before pulling back and commanding, “Sit. Now present.” She tapped her paws worriedly, torn between rubbing against his skin and turning away from him like he ordered. “Present, now.” He increased the sternness of his voice. She turned around and put her muzzle to the floor, raising her ass and spreading her legs. Seeing the wetness glisten on her skin made him violently impatient. He hastily grabbed her leash and harness, strapping her harness on her chest and attaching the leash to give himself leverage.

Placing the tip of his cock just touching the wet lips of her cunt, he wrapped the leash a few times around his hand and pulled her back onto him. That first moment sent them both mentally spinning. She began whimpering needily, rocking herself back onto him. “Such a horny pup. Staaaaaaay” He ordered her to cease. Then with his other hand, he gripped her hip and thrust himself inside her. She moaned, long and deep. “Ah ah ah, that’s not what puppies sound like,” he chastised her before thrusting again. Her moans changed to whimpers and pants.

One firm grip on her leash, he pounded into her, watching her ears flop with the motion. He mentally floated on the sensation of the warm and wet hole he knew he completely owned. And he would show her–he felt his orgasm building up as he increased his speed while mindless whimpering and whining came from the pet below him. He pulled back on her harness, straightening her posture as he came inside her. She felt him pulse within her, and she shuddered in happiness. This was the absolutely BEST treat for a good puppy.

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