That's My Girl - Puppy Play Story

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Published On Tuesday, August 2, 2016
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“What’s with the tone?” He asked, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms. She avoided his gaze, harboring her prickly attitude from his scrutiny. She had been talking back to him for the past few minutes, usually a case of the grumps. He knew what would make her feel better. “Why are you so grumpy, puppy dog?” He said sweetly. “What happened to that waggy tail huh?”

She tried her best not to crack a smile. “I’m not a puppy right now,” she said stubbornly. He leaned his weight back against the kitchen counter in his mock disbelief.

“You’re not?! You’re not my little pup who is always such a good girl?” Sitting on the couch a few feet away, she tucked her legs under her and turned away from him so he wouldn’t see her serious facade falter.

“No…” He stepped over and went to scoop her up in his arms, but she dodged him. They faced off in the living room for a moment before he lunged to pick her up. She tried to flee, but his reach was too long. Securing his arms around her middle, he lifted her, still kicking, into the air.

“Gotcha!!” She laughed as he teased her sides. He set her down and motioned with his hand. “Now be a good girl. Sit.” She clicked her tongue at him, “Nah.”

“” He paced over to the counter where her collar lay, picked it up, and walked slowly and deliberately back over. He knew she wouldn’t bolt again, and she confirmed his confidence with every step he took closer. Reaching out to her neck, he missed as she slipped out of his reach. In one sudden movement, he grabbed her forcefully. She fought him, but it was laughably futile. The collar was on. And his fingers slipped underneath the leather to direct her. He led her by her throat to the bedroom. She did not dare struggle against the tight collar, so she followed behind letting out complaints every step. He closed the door behind them. “Stay, puppy,” he said in a low tone. She paced a little in the room while he opened the locked trunk in her closet. Then he was lunging again; pinning her arms against her back and her body to the bed, he quickly got to work on a pair of rope cuffs.

She growled into the comforter as he secured her wrists to each other, then he flipped her over and pulled her cuffed wrists to the front of her chest over her head. “Are you going to be my good puppy yet?” “No. I’m not! I’m a lady!” She taunted, tossing her head haughtily. “Tsk. Tsk.” He lashed her wrists to her thighs and her thighs to her ankles. She was immobile. “You just wait until I get out of this!” She warned him, “you big butt!

He looked at her in mild curiosity, walked into the closet and brought out a gag. He buckled it, then roughly forced the silicone ball into her mouth. “No, pup. Bad mouth.” He disappeared into the closet again, and in less than a minute, produced a leather pup hood. “Hey puppy, I found your muzzle! This is perfect. Want to put it on? ….. is that silence a yes? I think so.”

As he got closer, she started to push against the ropes, twisting her neck to avoid the impending bondage. He wrapped his fingers under her collar and held her still, “Shhhshshsh shh…Good giiiirrll…That’s a good girl, stay still for me.” He began strapping the hood into place, one buckle at a time, whispering in her ear. “You’re going to be my obedient dog, my good little pup. You’re going to listen to me and do what I say. You are not to speak or use your hands.” And filthier.

“When I want to use you, you will present to me like the dog in heat you are. Your little puppy cunt is mine. My name is on that tag–I own you. You obey me.” He buckled the last strap in place, clicked the locks shut, and let go of her neck. Her eyes looked up at him, glossed over in submission, out from the holes in the black leather mask, a wholly changed mind. A little whimper escaped her throat. “There we go, much better. You look like a perfect puppy. Speak.” “Woof!” She barked in earnest. “Very good.” He scratched under her collar and behind her ears. He untied her and helped her slip on protective padding for her knees and wrists. Clipping a leash to her collar, he noticed her ass begin to wag. “That’s my girl.” He smiled.

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